Meet the CEO


Welcome Society Babes, my name is Katelyn C., CEO of SECRETSOCIETYBUNDLES. I started my business, SECRETSOCIETYBUNDLES, in January of 2021 in St. Louis, MO because I absolutely loved getting my hair done, but could never find a good company to buy hair from without all the tangling, shedding, and weird smells. After plenty of research, I finally found my own vendor and thought it would be a great investment to start selling good quality hair on my own. I have always been the antisocial type of girl since I was little and never liked too many people in my circle, so SECRETSOCIETYBUNDLES was the perfect name for my new and upcoming brand. SECRETSOCIETYBUNDLES is a brand that is meant to enhance every customers’ beauty by providing everyone with BEST quality products. We offer seven hair textures, 14”-40” lengths, hair accessories, lashes, and much more to fulfill your hair needs! I put love and commitment into my business to ensure that every customer is satisfied, so I hope you enjoy!